Brooklyn Teacher Jon Deutsch Convicted of Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Brooklyn Teacher Jon Deutsch Convicted of Sexual Exploitation of Minors

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Over a six month period in 2017, Jonathan Deutsch, a popular English teacher at the top rated Brooklyn Leon M. Goldstein Public High School for the Sciences used multiple Facebook accounts, including those under the names “Sam Morgan” and “Jay Stern,” to engage in sexually explicit conversations with minors ranging from ages 10 to 16. During conversations on Facebook messenger, Deutsch requested and received numerous sexually exploitative images and videos of children and sent numerous photos of what he represented were his own private parts. Deutsch found his victims by running searches for groups associated with vulnerable teens. These searches included: “emo,” “emo teens,” and “pregnant teens” and he visited related Facebook groups, such as “single emo teen dating site.” Deutsch targeted vulnerable children and used his status as a teacher, to develop a relationship with those children and groom them for exploitation. Deutsch bragged about his supposed prior sexual experiences with students and young children and convinced numerous minors to send him nude images of themselves.

Deutsch didn’t realize that when you send sexually explicit photos over the Internet, you set off red flags at Google, which sends your information to the authorities. The NY Times recently reported that a father was subjected to a police investigation when he sent explicit pictures of a rash on his child’s genitals to his pediatrician, upon the request of the doctor. The father ended up getting shut out of the Internet, as his email was disabled and he was cut off from Facebook messenger and other Apps. Deutsch was eventually indicted by the Feds in 2019 and recently convicted of ten charges after a jury trial. Deutsch is waiting to be sentenced.

During the pendency of his criminal case, Deutsch, who was locked up at MDC in Brooklyn, asked to be released on bond three times, and put in the custody of his parents, who live in Florida. The first time he requested a release the Justice Department objected on the grounds that the Office of Probation would not be able to prevent him from getting onto the Internet through some device. The Justice Department also objected on the grounds that Deutsch was not totally honest with the Court with regard to remaining in the custody of his parents. Deutsch didn’t realize that the prison telephones recorded every one of his conversations. The Government presented a transcript of one such conversation Deutsch had with his father:

“So this guy that I was just talking to who’s in here for some white collar stuff had the same kind of thing, had the same kind of prosecutor who was saying he’s a ridiculous danger to society. He said everybody was on the same page, and it’s important that we get out and maybe it’s a couple of weeks and then you and mom have some emergency you need to go to Florida for something—and we can talk to the judge or whoever else about modifying the thing that, since I’ve been there, been on my own, been outside for a month, they’ve monitored me, nothing’s happened, I’ve made all my court appearances, done everything I’m supposed to do, that—his mentality is that it’s more important for me to be outside fighting than being inside and not being able to do anything.”

You would think that the jailhouse lawyer who was giving Deutsch free legal advice would have warned Deutsch not to discuss his plan over the prison telephone. The government also recorded what the father’s response to Deutsch’s plan over the telephone: “I don’t want to play games with the Court.” To which Deutsch responded: “I don’t want to put you in this situation. I’ve already done enough to make your lives miserable.”

Deutsch eventually got released on bond to the custody of his parents in Florida during the peak of COVID in 2020, while Deutsch awaited trial. The Probation Office developed a new method to monitor the Internet at someone’s home. The Justice Department objected and appealed Judge Frederic Block’s order setting Deutsch free.

While Deutsch was locked up in his parents house in Florida he requested to attend Rosh Hashanah service at a private home. Deutsch’s public defender argued the following: “The synagogue Mr. Deutsch’s parents regularly attend is closed due to COVID-19. Mr. Deutsch and his parents would like to attend a small gathering for the virtual Rosh Hashanah service at the home of one of the members of the congregation. The home where they will attend the virtual service is within the gated community where the Deutsch family resides; there will be no minors present. The Pretrial Services office opposes his request to attend the Rosh Hashanah service because it is at a private home. They will only allow Mr. Deutsch to attend a Rosh Hashanah service at a public synagogue. Both of Mr. Deutsch’s parents are high risk for COVID-19. Requiring them to attend a two hour plus service at an unfamiliar public synagogue presents obvious risks to their health: there may or may not be social distancing, use of facemasks, or proper ventilation. Their proposed alternative, a small gathering at a private home, is the safest and most responsible option for exercising their right to participate in a religious service with members of their local synagogue’s congregation.” Motion to pray at a small private home during Rosh Hashanah GRANTED by Judge Block.

Deutsch is back in MDC, the same prison where pedophile Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. Deutsch recently filed a motion to expedite his sentencing. He has to stay in MDC until he get sentenced, at which time he will be moved to a different Federal prison. MDC is not meant for long term inmates. MDC is one of the worst Federal prisons in the country. The sooner Deutsch gets sentenced the sooner he can be moved out to another Federal facility. He will probably look to get placed in the Otisville medium, where many Jewish inmates with violent felonies sit. He would not be eligible for the Otisville camp where Michael Cohen, and myself sat, as the low security camp only accepts non violent criminals with sentences less than ten years. High profile criminals Sholom Weiss and Sholom Rubashkin were both locked up in the Otisville medium up until a couple of years ago when Trump commuted their sentences. There were a few Jewish guys locked up there who were hired to kidnap and beat up husbands who refused to sign religious divorce documents for their ex wives. There were also a few Israelis and Russian Jews locked up there with long sentences. Some came over to the camp after their sentence fell under ten years.

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