Who Is Lawrence Dressler?

Who Is Lawrence Dressler?

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My name is Lawrence Dressler. I was licensed to practice law in the State of Connecticut in 1992. I practiced for approximately 20 years until I became the target of a Federal investigation into mortgage fraud that was rampant in throughout the country before the market crashed in 2008. I pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit mortgage fraud in 2014 and was sentenced to twenty months in Otisville Federal Prison in the State of New York. When I got out of prison in 2016 I started a prison blog called LarryNoodles.com, which was after my nickname that I was given in Otisville prison. I had taken a bag of spiral noodles out of the prison warehouse, where I worked, and smuggled it into the prison dorm, where I lived, in order to have a nighttime snack. I wasn’t allowed to take food into the dorm from the warehouse. After I got in trouble with the guards the other inmates declared that my new name was Larry Noodles.

My Larry Noodles blog didn’t get much attention until I exposed a New Haven Rabbi pedophile named Daniel Greer. After I was released from Otisville I discovered that Mr. Greer had molested or attempted to molest a number of teenage students at his school. Having been part of the Greer community I had known these students personally. I was the first to publicly report on Mr. Greer’s crimes. After I exposed Mr. Greer a former student sued him and eventually obtained a $20 million verdict in Federal court. I wrote about the civil case and trial in my blog. After the civil trial Mr. Greer was arrested and was eventually convicted and sent to prison for 12 years. Mr. Greer is still sitting in a jail cell. I helped Connecticut prosecutors with the criminal case. I also offered to help Connecticut prosecutors with the Fotis Dulos murder case, but they declined my assistance. Dulos had murdered his ex-wife and apparently dumped her body in garbage cans in West Hartford. I had a client who was released from prison at the time who was Greek, just like Dulos, and did time for domestic violence, who was willing to attempt to befriend Dulos during the investigation. Dulos eventually committed suicide and was never tried for his crime.

My blog received national attention at the time Michael Cohen, the attorney for Donald Trump, was preparing to go to prison. Cohen ended up going to Otisville. The New York Times interviewed me about Otisville prison and HBO Vice featured me in a segment about Michael Cohen. I was quoted by numerous media outlets, including the Bill Maher show.

I decided to discontinue the Larry Noodles blog and focus on this blog. My law license has been suspended since I went to prison. I cannot offer legal advice but I can refer readers to competent attorneys and I can direct readers to legal resources. I offer prison advice to readers who are in the unfortunate position of having to turn themselves in to a Federal or State prison and advice on other personal life challenges.

You can contact me at [email protected]

My phone number is 2037108137